How to Find Commercial Real Estate Online

Commercial real estate brokers work to get their listings out to potential buyers in various ways in an effort to reach a large audience.

Online real estate listings are one way to easily access a wide audience of buyers interested in the available property. These properties can be for lease or for sale.

The audience browsing commercial real estate listings might include small businesses seeking their first office space, a company that is expanding or an investor.

Seeing or driving by property for lease on the street is one way to seek available space, but it is likely a potential buyer or renter will have to schedule an appointment to see the property in order to find out more information.

Online property searches offer quick access to many property details, often including price, square footage, and photos.

Narrow Search for CRE Property

Some online users will begin a search by typing in something similar to “commercial real estate near me” into their browser.

But the commercial real estate online market is fragmented, and narrowing your search by finding platforms that specialize in the types of property you are looking for will save time.

Property seekers can then break their search down into even more specific categories, such as by price, geographic location, or asset type.

Best Places to Find Commercial Real Estate

The commercial real estate industry’s online presence has ballooned since early residential search platforms Zillow and Trulia came onto the market.

CoStar and its subsidiary LoopNet are two well-known online commercial real estate marketplaces. Both platforms carry extensive lists of available retail, warehouse, multifamily, and office space.

But there are many online commercial real estate listing platforms that users can access to start their search. Some marketplace websites charge users to enter all or parts of their site. Other sites offer free access to real estate listings.

Each platform offers different features. Some services allow you to search for properties that are off-market, meaning they are not actively being sold. Other platforms give you access to on-market listings. There are platforms that also allow you to search for sale by owner, such as Craigslist.

Interested buyers should seek out the commercial real estate listing service that best suits their needs. Once users provide details about the type of property or space they need, they will garner information from the service that might comprise data such as tenant, ownership, sales and tax history.

Looking for commercial real estate online can be one way for potential buyers or renters to easily narrow down a search for space and access a wide variety of listings.