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How much does your insurance really cost you? What would your portfolio or asset be worth if you save 5% - 15% on your insurance costs?

Control your largest line item expense

Grow revenue & Asset value by shrinking Costs

Obie has been able to save customers up to 25% on their portfolio's insurance cost.

By helping to reduce and manage one of the largest line item expenses, you can instantly increase asset value.
  • Quick Digital Application

  • Online Policy Management

  • Better Transparency

  • Achieve Better Returns

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Obie helps you protect your assets, your business, and everything else.

Insurance for landlords and owners

Obie has an insurance program that's affordable, quick to set up, and easy to understand. From $100K to $1 Billion in assets under management, requesting a quote and getting coverage is faster than ever before, making it easier to protect your assets and investment while increasing your NOI.

Quick Application

We use the existing property data contained within your Obie account to generate the information we need to obtain a quote.

Low Rates

Our technology-enabled insurance platform ensures industry-best rates for the coverages that are right for your asset and portfolio

Single Point of Contact

Unlike other sites, only a single insurance broker at Obie who is licensed to work in your area will receive your contact & property info

Only Top Rated Carriers

Insurance and tech expertise you can count on. With asset specific carriers and Machine Learning we get the best price & coverage.

Insurance as it should be

No paper applications.
No week-long waits for quotes.
No back and forth with brokers.

Obie is more than just an insurance broker and reverses the traditional insurance model. By combining the tools to manage your risk with a tech-enabled insurance process, you win.

Tailored recommendations

Understand your risk

  • Optimize by eliminating excess coverage.

  • Manage coverage gaps.

  • Custom evaluations outlining how your policy applies to your assets

Common Questions

Why do you want to get insurance through Obie?

Obie is an industry specific broker. We solely on insurance for commercial and multifamily property which allows us to work with carriers that focus on those areas.

I have a coverage question, can I talk to someone?

Absolutely! Email us: or call us @ 312-248-6198

What kind of documents/info do I need to get a quote?

If you are a current Obie member we will be able to extract all of the data we need from your managed assets. If you are not currently an Obie member, and would like to request a quote, you’ll want to have some information on hand to help with the process including your name, property address and asset type, and other building information. If you have an existing policy or a current Offering Memorandum in a PDF or digital version that will help too. Having this information ready helps to ensure you’ll finish the process quickly.

How much coverage do I need?

Commercial property insurance coverage needs vary from asset to asset. Fortunately, we understand the needs of both  owners and lenders and can make sure we get you the best price without all of the back and forth. Click the Get Quote button and start today!

What’s typically covered in a P&C Policy?

Commercial property insurance may include coverage for losses resulting from weather-related events, building collapse, building damage, explosion, civil commotion, equipment breakdown, or damage caused by vehicles or vandalism. The amount of coverage you will need depends on many factors such as the type of property and its location.

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